Tracy Lawrence Pills

Everybody’s got a pill these days

To make you feel some different way

Then the way your feelin’ now

They can make you go up or down

Things for anxiety

Things to make an old man feel 18

Anti- depression and mood swings society of emotional zombies


Pills to make you lose weight

Pill to make you gain weight

Pills to grow your hair

Muscle and bones and even down there

Pills for every ache and pain

Make you remember or forget your name

Recreational to get your thrills

Or doctor prescribed with 3 refills

Get your pills!

They advertise em on tv

Things to treat kids with a.d.d.

Back in the day we had daddy’s belt

I remember how that medicine felt

If folks would just get up off their butts

Exercise and not eat so much

We’d all be a lot more healthy and strong

And half the world wouldn’t be hooked on these

[Repeat Chorus]


Now most of us got a drug store at the house

It’s like we can’t through a single day without

All these….

[Repeat Chorus]