Train Christmas Island

[Verse 1:]

If someone told me it was Christmas day

I would say no way , what kind a game you playing?

My feets in the sand , the sun’s got a plan to make me tan

Oh all I know is the snow can take a holiday

When you get here Margarita wine

Just don’t forget the line

And if you’re feeling so, this mistletoe

Ain’t got nowhere to go

No no, high Sierra goodbye

Christmas island hello


(Hey high Sierra goodbye , Christmas island hello)

[Verse 2:]

The way I see it gimme Mexico or Hawaii though,Costa Rica yo

December summer fun, when you’re lying in the pouring sun

I just wanna go where the snow, don’t know no oneVerse 4

If you’re coming, I’ll pick up the bill

Just don’t bring no chill, that’s unless you will

A christmas summer chill, with an island flow

High Sierra goodbye, Christmas island hello


[Verse 3:]

Give me Christmas on an island , on an island, see me smiling

Take me from the mountain, from the mountain

From the mountain, hear me shouting

Come on see me smiling

Take me back to Christmas island