Trip Lee Self Examination



Ay wat it do

It’s ya boy Trip Lee man

Yeah you can ride to this

Ay man but while you ridin to it

Listen to the words homie

Yeah we can’t just go through life chillin man

We gotta stop and examine ourselves

Let me tell you what I’m sayin

[Vesre 1:]

Yeah we was born sinners man, dead in the flesh

Unfamiliar with the Lord’s livin man, He bled to the death

But we love our sin instead of Him, we fans of the flesh

If you think I’m lyin man, put a man to the test

We all full of lies, full of pride, full of dirty lust

And we put our lives ahead of God’s Word we should trust

We all knew it was a dude above who made everything

But we run a way, love our ways, and never gave Him praise

But for some of us He made a way up out of this dilemma

He sent His Son, and he was strung out for wicked sinners

Now all we gotta do is trust upon the righteousness of Christ

And He got something new for us (What?), the righteousness of Christ

You may believe it man, but have you trusted in Him yet?

And realized your sinful life will thrust you into death?

And that you need Him cause in the flesh man is fadin

Time for self examination like you was the Dr and the patient


We gotta look ourselves over

Have we standing with Jehovah

He’s the man and He can hold us

You’ll be standing as His soldier

It’s time for self examination, we need a self examination

It’s time for self examination, we need a self examination man

What are lives look like

Cause fo real we should fight

To enjoy lifting Christ

And to shine His good light

It’s time for self examination, we need a self examination

It’s time for self examination, we need a self examination man

[Verse 2:]

A lot of us claim to be believers but we slack in our walk

And we goin around everyday without our backs to the cross

And when it comes to servin Christ, we standin on the wall

But we say we Christian cause we went up for the altar call

That don’t mean that we believers, that don’t mean we saved from flames

If we ain’t workin for Him our faith is dead like it say in James

If it ain’t no better livin, we the same and steady sinnin

Just know that faith without fruit wasn’t faith from the beginnin

It’s a lot of kids that got it twisted thinking they saved

But homie they ain’t bout tha Fathers biz they sleep in they graves

And they gon be real disappointed man when they face judgement

And all along they though that they was saved, but they really wasn’t

Sin’s disgusting to the Father man, he can barely stand it

And the mark of the believer is keeping to His commandments

So if we content up in our sin, ain’t seekin Jesus

We really need to cause we may not even be believers


[Verse 3:]

Now for some of us we claim to be in love with our God

But if we look around we can find that something is odd

And if we really look our love for the Son isn’t thick

Cause we ain’t really in love with Christ, we in love with His gifts

Man after you die and you gon and you go to Heaven

Would you be satisfied if you arrived and God wasn’t present?

That’s a question we should ask, are we choosin Christ?

Is he just a supplement, or is He our true delight? Holla at me

See most of the times what happens is

We just goin through life thinkin that everything is great,

Thinkin everything is all good

Not stoppin and lookin, How we doin, Where we stand with our God

See we gotta stop and look to see if we made a decision to accept Christ

If we really trusted in Christ and His righteousness

And if we really in love with this God

It’s time to examine ourselves