Vado Straight For The Summer

[Hook x2: Kirko Bangz]

Straight for the summer

Straight for the summer

In shape for the summer

She gon’ be straight for the summer in shape for the summer

Straight for the summer

Straight for the summer

Ass pokin’ out, stomach pokin’ in

Just got her new membership at the gym

Goin hard all winter just so she can be

[Verse 1: Vado]

Ma what’s the word tho? it’s me spiff, Kirko

Two straps showing no Urkel

Grape fives on his black purple

Keep a nice number eight two circles

She in my vein like an I.V

In that new thing color high-C

That’s my boo thang nigga try me

Love to show her shoe game on the IG

I can’t wait for the summer

Shit lookin’ great for the summer

A dyck man lotta cake in the summer

An iron man audi R8 in the summer

Naw coke I got a live one

Always turnt up a do or die one

Any bird that I have she a fly one

Long fur let it drag on the garson

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Fabolous]

Shorty so cold she get hate from the summer

Tight little dress look great for the summer

Lookin’ ass niggas couldn’t wait for the summer

Like damn girl you gained a little weight for the summer

New bitches at the house renovate for the summer

All want to stay can’t hate on a slumber

Party, shawty, shape like a number

Eight, 458 for the summer

Get a nigga bitch hooked like bait for the summer

She ain’t coming out hibernate for the summer

Can’t find they everything coming out neither

Nigga no release date for the summer

Thirsty ass niggas I ain’t got nothing for ya’ll

I’m a let your ass dehydrate for the summer

I fuck with my niggas gettin’ paper like a printer

Standing tall like centers had to grind all winter to be

[Hook x2]

[Bridge: Vado]

Ah, that’s how you do that there

Deserve to make head turns like who that there?

VIP whole team, my crew back there?

We the Best and you knew that there

[Hook x2]