Wiz Khalifa Gotta Get It

The game ain’t changed I’m just a new breed

As you’ll see fans turned over a new leaf

I know it’s hard to swallow that’s how the truth be

Heard I’m gettin’ dollars got you lookin’ for the new me

A lot of niggas on they own shit I do me

I’m one hundred everything I talk you’ll see

And I’mma chase that bread ’til I’m filthy

I keep money on the wig like ya girl’s weave

And I kill beats – that’s probly why they think hip hop’s dead cause I spit hot lead

Feel like I just got fed, so I’m nowhere near comfortable

Even though they tell me can’t no one here fuck with you

Bitches scream my name, real niggas say “I fucks with you”

I grind no days off that’s how a hustler do

And I’m accustomed to creatin’ that real shit

That money motivate you can feel shit

That paper on my mind I’mma grind ’til I’m finished

I’m feelin’ like I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it

And realistically the sky is the limit

I’m out here so I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it

Niggas slackin’ on they grind intuition

They slippin’ so I, I gotta get it, I, I gotta get it

Yeah yeah and change the life I’m livin’

That’s out here for me – so I, I gotta get it. (Yeah)